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Less noise, better work.

Introducing the async-first messaging app for teams to organize conversations with built-in goals, deadlines and upvotes.

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Beta version

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Calm, meaningful and stress free conversations. Time saving and healthy human interactions. Fewer meetings and remote-friendly.

Discover our mission.

Rethink your desktop.

We create efficient, playful and productive working tools through high quality and well designed software.

Our ultimate goal is to improve productivity at work while making it more fun.
We want to empower people by promoting transparency in the workplace, decisions ownership and giving a voice to everyone in the company.

Why does it matter?

How it works

  1. Desks

    Work spaces are called "Desks". Create, organize and share them quick and easy with teams.

  2. Threads

    Invite your teammates to discuss using threads with builti-in goals, deadlines and upvotes.

  3. Goals

    Make easily accessible written decisions, ideas or solutions never to forget anything again.

  4. 1 to 1 chat

    Enjoy direct messages in real-time only for 1 to 1 conversations to share file or urgent requests.

New products coming soon, like Teams and Insights!